My programs are geared into three streams.

Healing Yourself And Your Own Heart.

Hypnotherapy: This is the superhighway for connection to your subconscious which psychologists have determined to be 80% to 90% of your mind. By reaching into the subconscious with unconditional love and no judgment, we can provide suggestions and direction to heal the following areas: phobias, smoking, dementia, strokes, pre and post operations, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, body image, anorexia, bulimia. Please reach out, I’m happy to organize a program for your specific needs.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique: This was developed by Dolores Cannon and is a one hour session into your past lives. We visit the past life that will bring you the most clarity and healing in this lifetime. Then we spend an hour talking to your higher self and getting information and healing from your higher self. This is a 4 and a half hour session from beginning to end.

Learning to Access the Spiritual Realms: We all have access to the spiritual realms and I’m happy to quickly take you there where you can discover, who are your guides, your life’s purpose, your soul family. You can visit the Akashic records, your Council of Elders, various other spiritual and healing places. The main skill that you receive is that I teach you self hypnosis and how to access your spiritual realms yourself, so that you are always connected to your spiritual wifi.

The Temple of Divinity. This was developed by me and three other co-creators. We channeled the Temple of Divinity where you will be teamed up with an angel and go through the different halls for healing. I am always amazed by the experiences of my clients and the wisdom that the angels provide them.

Programs for Society:

Once you heal your heart, you might want to help others, this is how you can.

The Temple of Divinity Practitioner Training:

Has this modality and healing been so life changing that you would like to share it with the world. You can, I can teach you to become a Temple of Divinity Heart Healing Therapist. You will be able to take people into the spiritual realms and work with them in the Temple of Divinity. This is a career in a box. The quickest way to share your knowledge and heart with people. An amazing opportunity to get certified in a new and up and coming modality.

Legacy Program:

Have you ever thought about building your own legacy. What would that entail? Imagine where just like a rock being thrown into a still pool of water, the ripples of your good deeds keep on spreading forward into the world. Let me coach you in creating a legacy that you will be known for. Imagine a positive legacy and mark you leave on this world. What can that be? What is your passion? We start this program by discovering your purpose, then digging deep into organizing, implementing, structuring and then letting it out into the world. This is for leaders that want a leave a mark on this world and need help in developing, creating and then unleashing their vision.

Channelling: Are you a musician, artist, scientist, engineer or software developer and want to create something special? Where do you think inspiration and creativity comes from. Let me teach you how to access the power of the spiritual realms to work with your talents and create something special. Creativity doesn’t happen from the bottom of a bottle or from using any crazy illicit substances. Creativity can be attracted by learning to vibrate and be open to the messages that are being shared with you. Let me teach you how.

Leadership: Are you a leader and looking for how to find good talent, learn how to be steadfast and resolute in your decisions, know how to get a greater knowing of the situation and trusting your intuition, but not only trusting, receiving direction from spirit? Please sign up for my leadership coaching sessions.

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